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Ribbon Ballet & Rhythmic Gymnastics For Kids is an introductory level program for young #kids where rhythmic #gymnastics, #ballet, #dance, and handheld apparatus manipulation are fused into one.

Utilizing music, participants will learn to combine basic ballet & dance #movements with rhythmic gymnastics body movement skills while they manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus e.g. #ribbons, #balls, #scarves, #hoops or gymnastics ropes. The classes place a strong emphasis on developing flexibility, strength, coordination and hand-body movement awareness.

All individual Ribbon Ballet & Rhythmic Gymnastics components will ultimately be choreographed into incredible rhythmic gymnastics group routines which at a later point may be demonstrated during our semi-annual show.

Each class includes basic ballet #warm up, #dexterity exercises, #balance & #posture routines, #stretching, coordination and graceful body movement exercises. Warm up and stretching will include the following #yoga and ballet exercises to develop strength and flexibility in #students:

  • Angel pose or Butterfly (Opens the hips and encourages a sense of grounding while you work on lengthening the spine)

  • Boat (Builds abdominal and core strength)

  • Tree (Strengthen legs, improve balance)

  • Asana (flipped tree) (increase oxygen in the body that results in the improved functioning of all other systems of the body and balance emotional and mental stress.

Other poses to be taught are Half Pigeon, Star, Thread the Needle and Cobra.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Age Group: 4 - 7 Years

  • Preferred Days/Times: Monday - Friday

  • Number of Sessions: Once, twice or three times per week

  • Tuition Fee per 30 Minutes Session: $75.00 ( 8 students per class)

  • Supply Fee (if necessary): Requires Ballet Slippers & Kids Yoga Matt / Carpet.

P.S. Professional Ballet Slippers & Yoga Mats and other class apparatus may be acquired from www.AlexaRibolina.shop at discount pricing for existing and new members.

Classes are taught by Alexa, a Russian trained Honor Degree & former nationally ranked Master Level Gymnast.


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