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RibbonFit by Alexa (RFA) are recreational programs that offer physical fitness and lots of fun. Programs start with the basic skill levels and are taught in a friendly, playful and supportive environment. In addition, RFA recreational programs are super friendly and provide a healthy weight loss environment. 

In RFA's recreational programs we take a non-competitive, progressive approach to fitness skill development. Our classes are designed for all ages and all ability levels. The main orientation of the classes are overall development, coordination, flexibility, strength, balance and basic fitness techniques.  RFA's  programs allow you to experiment and work with different​ dances and rhythmic gymnastics apparatuses such as balls, ribbons, hoops, ropes, scarves, flags and rhythm sticks.



Because RFA's fitness programs incorporate many rhythmic style movements, such as dancing with balls and ribbons, it becomes fun and adds to a positive mental state of mind. RFA's approach   is so unique it improves your fitness skills without you realizing

Please contact us if you'd like to participate in RFA's classes. 
Do you want RFA's programs in your neighborhood? We are always open to partnership opportunities, feedback and support.​

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Enjoyed the class very much. Improved my balance significantly.
​Ribbon Fit 55+ class, White Rock, BC. 2017

I enjoy the class. It has helped my balance a lot in just a short time.
Ribbon Fit 55+ class, White Rock, BC. 2017

Ribbon Fit class helps improve balance and coordination of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. You meet friendly, like minded people. A good class for seniors.
​​Ribbon Fit 55+ class, White Rock, BC. 2017

​​Very well organised class. Instructors are really professional and are passionate about what they do. Artistic and fun sport.
Rita Y. 
Kids Ribbon Fit Class, Intro Level, New Westminster, BC
September 18, 2016